Old Kernavė comes to life

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Old Kernavė comes to life

2020 07 25

Throughout the summer, every last weekend of the month, fun voices and craftting sounds will resound in the restored medieval homesteads of Kernavė. Craftsmen from various parts of Lithuania will be blown away again in the old capital of Lithuania.


We look forward to seeing you on July 25-26. Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the restored medieval homesteads of Kernavė.


This weekend you will get acquainted with the craftsmen of the experimental archeology club "Pajauta" (early medieval food production, amber processing, birch bouquet ornamentation, shoemaking, ceramics, glass bead production, leather goods production, jewelry, bone, horn, flint item production, blacksmithing), "Viking village" will teach ancient games and sho  bread baking process, Kernavė folklore ensemble "Medgrinda" will dance circles and sing on Sunday, and the soldiers of the club "Varingis" will present not only soldiers' clothes and weapons, but also real trainings for combat.


The event is free. Follow the news!

We invite you to travel back in time to the past and feel the medieval spirit!

Old Kernavė comes to life
  • Kernius st. 4a, LT-19172 Kernavė,
    Širvintos district
  • CRN  190757417
  • Tel.  +370 382 47371
  • E-mail   direkcija@kernave.lt


Position Name, surname Phone number E-mail
Director dr. Ramojus Kraujelis +370 38247371 ramojus.kraujelis@kernave.lt
Deputy director - chief curator of the museum collection Jadvyga Purvaneckienė +370 38247449 jadvyga.purvaneckiene@kernave.lt
Heritage manager Rasa Putrimienė +370 67291700 rasa.putrimiene@kernave.lt
Chief Specialist (Inspector) Valdas Lučunas +370 600 82051 valdas.lucunas@kernave.lt
Chief Specialist Ieva Zykienė +370 68395998 ieva.zykiene@kernave.lt
Accountant Marijona Jurkevičienė +370 38247303 marijona.jurkeviciene@kernave.lt
Document management specialist Regina Vrubliauskienė +370 38247371 regina.vrubliauskiene@kernave.lt


Position Name, surname Phone number E-mail
Excursions +370 38247385 ekskursijos@kernave.lt
Educational activities +370 62272333 edukacijos@kernave.lt

Department of the Kernavė Archaeological Site Museum

Position Name, surname Phone number E-mail
Head of Department Andrius Janionis +370 38247438 andrius.janionis@kernave.lt
Exposition consultant (cashier) Jadvyga Čiurkinienė +370 38247385 jadvyga.ciurkiniene@kernave.lt
Tour guide Kristina Ranonienė +370 38247385 kristina.ranoniene@kernave.lt
Communication and event organizer Ieva Lazauskė +370 60895952 ieva.lazauske@kernave.lt
Organizer of cultural events and educational programs Loreta Orakauskienė +370 60073245 loreta.orakauskiene@kernave.lt
Organizer of cultural events and educational programs Dalia Grigonienė +370 38247385 dalia.grigoniene@kernave.lt
Coordinator of educational and cultural activities Austėja Luchtanaitė ‭+370 38247438‬ austeja.luchtanaite@kernave.lt
Organizer of cultural activities Judita Babenskienė +370 38247385 judita.babenskiene@kernave.lt
Curator of the museum collection Živilė Paužaitė +370 38247385 zivile.pauzaite@kernave.lt

Department of restoration, research and digitization

Position Name, surname Phone number E-mail
Head of Department dr. Gintautas Vėlius +370 38247441 gintautas.velius@kernave.lt
Researcher (archaeologist) dr. Rokas Vengalis +370 38247441 rokas.vengalis@kernave.lt
Researcher (archaeologist) Dovilė Baltramiejūnaitė +370 38247441 dovile.baltramiejunaite@kernave.lt
Researcher (archaeologist) Mindaugas Pilkauskas +370 38247441 mindaugas.pilkauskas@kernave.lt
Photographer - digitizer Algis Kuzmickas +370 38247441 algis.kuzmickas@kernave.lt
Museologist - digitizer Sigita Lučunienė +370 38247385 sigita.lucuniene@kernave.lt
Restorer of museum values Vasarė Ratkevičienė +370 38247449 vasare.ratkeviciene@kernave.lt
Restorer of museum values Gražina Vadišienė +370 38247449 grazina.vadisiene@kernave.lt

Department of reserve maintenance and museum operation

Position Name, surname Phone number E-mail
Head of Department Algimantas Čiurkinas +370 38247303 algis.ciurkinas@kernave.lt