How to behave in the reserve

The archeological site of Kernavė is a unique complex of archeological, historical and natural values, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This land still holds the secrets of the distant past to this day.

The administration invites everyone to visit the Kernavė State Cultural Reserve and asks to pay attention to the restrictions established by the rules of visiting the cultural reserve.

Visitors to the cultural reserve are asked to:

• to preserve the cultural heritage values ​​and natural environment in the reserve;

• to make proper use of the rest areas in the reserve, to handle the fire safely, to tidy up the environment when leaving;

• to respect other visitors of the reserve, not to violate their rights and interests.

Visitors to the cultural reserve are prohibed to:

• climb mounds or other slopes and descend from them in undeveloped places;

• damage information exposition equipment and destroy infrastructure equipment;

• destroy trees and shrubs;

• carry out any land movement works, promote land surface erosion;

• drive motor vehicles;

• obstruct work and research in the reserve;

• go out, camp, build bonfires in places not provided for this purpose and not equipped;

• to make noise or otherwise disturb other visitors to the reserve.

Only after concluding an agreement with the cultural reserve administration  is allowed:

• to organize cultural events and actions;

• photograph or film for commercial purposes;

• provide visitor service and guided tours.


For any following information, please contact, tel. +370 382 47371

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