Freedom shines in Kernave

2023 02 15

On Friday, 24th of February, at 6 PM, Kernavė Archaeological Site Museum is opening an exhibition to raise awareness of Ukraine's cultural and scientific heritage, which is being devastated by warfare.
The exhibition of photographs and infographics will encourage discussion about the means to protect Ukraine's cultural heritage from destruction and what actions are needed to preserve not only Ukraine's, but indeed the world's, historical memory.
The exhibition "Cultural heritage on the front line of a full-scale war" will be on display in the Kernavė Archaeological Site Museum exhibition space during the museum's opening hours from 24 February to 21 June 2023.
Authors of the exhibition: Roman Lubun and Liubov Hodovanska (UA)
At 6:45 PM, after the opening of the exhibition, we invite All to Pilies Hill where we will build a bonfire, sing archaic songs, feast on borscht made by Ukrainians living in our town, and raise donations to buy tactical radars for Ukraine’s protection.

You are welcome to bring candles, flags, national symbols and torches. Because we will be shining, singing and calling!

Freedom shines in Kernave
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